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Document Name Classification Update Author Description Version
Bootdisk-HOWTO howto major Tom Fawcett <[email protected]> How to create a boot/root maintenance disk for Linux v3.3, November 1998</date>
Consultants-HOWTO howto minor Martin Michlmayr <[email protected]> Listing of Linux consultants v9.40, 8 November 1998
DNS-HOWTO howto bug Nicolai Langfeldt <[email protected]> How to set up DNS v2.1.1, 12 November 1998
ELF-HOWTO howto bug Daniel Barlow <[email protected]> How to install and migrate to the ELF binary file format v1.29, 14 July 1996
IPCHAINS-HOWTO howto major Paul Russell <[email protected]> Install and configure the enhanced IP firewalling chains
v1.0.5, 27 October 1998
IPX-HOWTO howto major Terry Dawson <[email protected]> How to install and configure IPX networking v2.3, 06 May 1998
Installation-HOWTO howto minor Eric S. Raymond <[email protected]> How to obtain and install Linux v4.15, 20 November 1998
Italian-HOWTO howto major Marco “Gaio” Gaiarin <[email protected]> How to configure Linux for use with the Italian
v1.2.0, 3 November 1998
Plug-and-Play-HOWTO howto new David Lawyer <[email protected]> How to get your Linux system to support Plug-and-Play v0.00, November 1998
Portuguese-HOWTO howto minor Carlos Augusto Moreira dos Santos
<[email protected]>
Este documento pretende ser um guia de referência de
configuraçao do Linux e seus programas…
v3.0, 28 October 1998
PostgreSQL-HOWTO howto minor Al Dev (Alavoor Vasudevan) <[email protected]> How to setup PostgreSQL as a database server v10.0, 24 November 1998
Reading-List-HOWTO howto minor Eric S. Raymond <[email protected]> Interesting books pertaining to Linux subjects v1.4, 22 November 1998
TeTeX-HOWTO howto major Robert Kiesling <[email protected]> How to install the teTeX package (TeX and LaTeX) under
v3.7, 9 November 1998
Text-Terminal-HOWTO howto minor David S. Lawyer <[email protected]> This document explains what text terminals are, how they work,
how to install and configure them
v1.02, November 1998
Unix-Internet-Fundamentals-HOWTO howto new Eric S. Raymond <[email protected]> Describes the working basics of PC-class computers, Unix-like
operating systems, and the Internet in non-technical language
v1.0, 28 October 1998
XFree86-HOWTO howto minor Eric S. Raymond <[email protected]> How to obtain, install, and configure XFree86 3.2 (X11R6) v5.9, 27 October 1998
Cipe+Masq mini minor Anthony Ciaravalo <[email protected]> How to setup a Virtual Private Network between your LAN and
other LAN’s using cipe through linux masquerading firewall
v0.4, 28 October 1998
DHCP mini minor Vladimir Vuksan <[email protected]> How to setup a DHCP Server and Client v2.6, 14 November 1998
Loadlin+Win95 mini minor Chris Fischer <[email protected]> How to use Linux and Windows95 together, using loadlin v1.4.3, 9 November 1998
PLIP mini major Andrea Controzzi <[email protected]> How to set up PLIP (Parallel Line Interface Protocol) v2.1, 12 March 1998
RedHat-CD mini new Morten Kjeldgaard <[email protected]> Peter von der
Ahé <[email protected]>
How to make your own CDs from the Red Hat Linux distribution
equivalent to the ones commercially available from Red Hat
v.00, 9 September 1998
Software-RAID mini major Linas Vepstas <[email protected]> How to configure software RAID v0.54, 21 November 1998