Linux Documentation Project updates

Document Name Classification Update Author Description Version
Bash-Prompt-HOWTO howto new Giles Orr Creating and controlling terminal and xterm prompts v0.55, 1 December 1998
Danish-HOWTO howto major Niels Kristian Bech Jensen How to configure Linux for use with the Danish
v2.4, 1 December 1998
Java-CGI-HOWTO howto major David H. Silber How to set up Java-capable CGI bin v0.5, 1 December 1998
Modem-HOWTO howto new David S. Lawyer Help with selecting, connecting, configuring, trouble-shooting,
and understanding modems for a PC
v0.00, December 1998
Software-Release-Practice-HOWTO howto new Eric S. Raymond Describes good release practices for Linux open-source
1.0, 21 November 1998
Unix-Internet-Fundamentals-HOWTO howto minor Eric S. Raymond Describes the working basics of PC-class computers, Unix-like
operating systems, and the Internet in non-technical language
v1.1, 3 December 1998
XWindow-User-HOWTO howto new Martin Michlmayr Information on configuring the X Window environment for the
Linux user
v1.0, 29 November 1998
Cable-Modem mini minor Vladimir Vuksan How to use a cable modem with a cable ISP v3.15, 6 December 1998
Firewall-Piercing mini minor Fare Rideau Using ppp over telnet transparently through an Internet
v0.3b, 27 November 1998
Linux+FreeBSD mini major Niels Kristian Bech Jensen How to use Linux and FreeBSD together v1.9, 1 December 1998