Linux Documentation Projects updates HOWTOs

All of these HOWTOs can be found within the LDP HOWTO index. A big
thanks to Tim Bynum for all his great work in coordinating this
huge project. Thanks Tim!

Document Name Classification Update Author Description Version
Bash-Prompt-HOWTO howto major Giles Orr Creating and controlling terminal and xterm prompts v0.60, 07 January 1999
Config-HOWTO howto major Guido Gonzato How to fine-tune and customize your Linux system v1.2.6, 19 January 1999
IR-HOWTO howto major Werner Heuser An introduction to the software provided by the Linux/IR
v2.4, 9 February 1999
KickStart-HOWTO howto major Martin Hamilton Briefly describes how to use the RedHat Linux KickStart system
to rapidly install large numbers of identical Linux boxes
v0.2, 11 January 1999
Mail-HOWTO howto major Guylhem Aznar Information on electronic mail servers and clients v2.0, 4 January 1999
Modem-HOWTO howto major David S. Lawyer Help with selecting, connecting, configuring, trouble-shooting,
and understanding modems for a PC
v0.01, January 1999
Optical-Disk-HOWTO howto major Skip Rye How to use optical disk drives with Linux v1.6, 11 December 1998
PCMCIA-HOWTO howto major Dave Hinds How to install and use PCMCIA Card Services v2.29, 08 February 1999
PostgreSQL-HOWTO howto major Al Dev (Alavoor Vasudevan) How to setup PostgreSQL as a database server v11.0, 8 January 1999
Printing-HOWTO howto major Grant Taylor HOWTO on printing software for Linux v3.22, 02 February 1999
Text-Terminal-HOWTO howto minor David S. Lawyer This document explains what text terminals are, how they work,
how to install and configure them
v1.03, January 1999
XFree86-HOWTO howto major Eric S. Raymond How to obtain, install, and configure XFree86 3.2 (X11R6) v5.10, 2 January 1999
XFree86-Video-Timings-HOWTO howto major Eric S. Raymond How to compose a mode line for XFree86 v3.4, 18 January 1999
XWindow-User-HOWTO howto major Ray Brigleb Information on configuring the X Window environment for the
Linux user
v1.3, 22 January 1999
BogoMips mini major Wim C.A. van Dorst Information about BogoMips v0, 8 February 1999
IP-Masquerade mini major Ambrose Au How to use IP masquerading v1.50, 7 February 1999
Linux+FreeBSD mini minor Niels Kristian Bech Jensen How to use Linux and FreeBSD together v1.10, 15 January 1999
NFS-Root-Client mini minor Ofer Maor How to set up diskless Linux machines using NFS v4.1, 02 February 1999
RedHat-CD mini minor Morten Kjeldgaard Peter von der Ahé How to make your own CDs from the Red Hat Linux distribution
equivalent to the ones commercially available from Red Hat
v1.18, 27 December 1998
ZIP-Drive mini major Kyle Dansie Provides a quick reference quide on setting up and using the
Iomega ZIP drive with Linux
v2.4, 10 January 1999