Linux Gazette #49 (January 2000) is available

Linux Gazette…Making Linux just a little more

Linux Gazette is a freely available, WWW e-zine that includes
short articles giving tips and tricks, ideas and suggestions for
customizing and running Linux. It is a member of the Linux
Documentation Project.

Linux Gazette issue #49, January 2000, is out and can be found
at: http://www.linuxgazette.com/

For download purposes, individual issues of LG are available

Topics in this issue include:

  • The MailBag
    • Help Wanted & Article Ideas
    • General Mail
  • News Bytes
    • Distro News
    • News in General
    • Software Announcements
  • The Answer Guy , by James T. Dennis
  • More 2-Cent Tips
  • Linux From Scratch HOWTO , by Gerard Beekmans
  • Linux for Nana: Accessibility for X , by Bill Bennet
  • A Brief Histroy of the ‘rm’ and ‘rmdir’ commands , by Eric
  • Use the Source, Luke: Compiling and installing from source code
    , by Sean Lamb
  • Linux Site O’ The Month: Portico.org , by Sean Lamb
  • Linux Humor , by Mike Orr
  • Using SWIG to interface scripting languages with C/C++ , by
    Pramode C.E and Gopakumar C.E
  • Developing Web Applications – Part II , by Anderson Silva
  • Emulators for Linux , by Anderson Silva
  • The Penguin and Me , by PJ Wessel
  • The Back Page
    • About This Month’s Authors Not Linux

New feature!
The current file sizes and modification dates for the FTP files is
now available in a listing linked from the Front Page.