Linux Gazette: HAL 91 – a minimalistic Linux distribution

“HAL91 is a minimalistic Linux distribution that fits on one
floppy disk (1.44MB).
Special about HAL91 is that it comes
along with a whole set of useful utilities for maintaining and
troubleshooting a Linux system, including some limited networking
The HAL91 Project was started by Oyvind Kolaas but
Christian Perle is now the maintainer of the HAL91

“In order to keep HAL91 as small as possible the whole HAL91
system currently uses the libc5. Kernel 2.0.36 is the current
kernel version.”

“You just a need a minimal system with a 386 processor and 8MB
of RAM. HAL91 comes along with harddisk and CD-ROM support but it
runs directly from floppy out of a RAM disk. A special feature of
HAL91 is the included minimal support for NE2000 compliant network
hardware and the ability to establish a PPP connection over a null
modem cable (via the ppp-nullmodem script).”


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