Linux-howto.com takes new home at Linuxberg

The newest Linux software site, Linuxberg, has hired
Linux-howto.com’s custodian, Rob Kennedy, and moved Linux-howto.com
to howto.linuxberg.com.

Rob Kennedy recently announced this move:

“Many of you have noticed that Linuxberg has opened its doors as
“The coolest place for Linux software”. I would like to at this
time announce that Linux-Howto.com has been in talks with Linuxberg
for a short time, and we are joining the Linuxberg team to provide
the Linux users that visit their site some help on installing the
software, answer general questions, and keep the Linux-Howto.com
site filled with current information. Linux-howto.com will be
hosted by Linuxberg, and worked into the current Linuxberg site.
This will replace my current job, and I will be working with
Linuxberg full time. I see this as Linux taking a giant step
forward, and brings Linux that much closer to seeing on more
desktops when you walk through a room. Look for an official “press
release” in the near future, and get ready for the ride. :)”

The new URL is http://howto.linuxberg.com/