Linux HTML Editors

By Jeff Alami

An experienced Linux and HTML hacker’s idea of an HTML editor is
vi or emacs with an HTML quick reference nearby. But most people
coming from Windows land are used to WYSIWYG editors such as
Microsoft FrontPage. While there aren’t many fully WYSIWYG HTML
editors for the Linux platform, there are certainly many editors
with HTML features to make a Web page designers’ life easy. We’re
going to look at a few HTML editors for Linux.

asWedit [proprietary]

asWedit is a mature and full-featured graphical HTML and text
editor using X11 and Motif. Its feature include a very fast HTML
parser, a display of the current HTML context on the status line,
customisable colours for different HTML tags, HTML 4.0 strict and
transitional DTD support, and a special mode for simple text
editing. asWedit is free of charge for non-commercial use, and can
be used for commercial evaluation. Its commercial counterpart,
ASWedit, offers support, documentation, and more filters and
commands for US $149 per machine.

asWedit home


asWedit 4.0.1 tarball for Linux/x86

asWedit 4.0.0 DEB for Linux/x86

gnotepad+ [GPL]

gnotepad+ is a simple and user friendly text editor for X11 and
Gtk+. It features multiple windows and documents, a complete
graphical preferences system, unlimited undo and redo, autosave,
file locking, customisation of toolbars and document tabs, and

gnotepad+ home


gnotepad+ 1.1.3 source tarball

Download gnotepad+ 1.1.3 RPM for Linux/x86 (FTP)

Webmaker [GPL]

Webmaker is a graphical HTML editor integrated with the K
Desktop Environment. It supports multiple windows, HTML 4.0
support, a preview for IMG tags, colour selectors, syntax
highlighting, and preview with external browsers. Webmaker enables
you to keep track of an entire Web site project, which makes it
especially useful for multi-page sites.

WebMaker home


WebMaker 0.8.0

(C) 1999 Zeta Publications. (Reproduced from Bleeding Edge Magazine)