Linux.ie: Interview with Ulrich Weigand, WINE developer

[ Thanks to Ken Guest
for this link. ]

“Ulrich Weigand is the most prominent developer working on the
core of the WINE Windows Emulator. We tracked him down and asked a
few questions…”

“Do you ever get upset when yet anyother obscure feature of some
Windows program broke Wine?…”

“No 🙂 In fact, this is just what I find interesting: finding
out just how Windows works, exactly. [ B.t.w. it’s features of
Windows that are the problem, not features of Windows apps …

“Has the recent help from Corel helped much in development?”

“Yes, definitely. They have been (publicly) involved now for
about a year; a quick check of the ChangeLog reveals that about
15-20% of all CVS check-ins during that year was code provided by
Corel (where the ratio appears to go up quite a bit lately