Linux item on Dutch television

Thanks to Rob Kaper for this

The leading program providing background information on news
items just aired an item about Linux this Saturday. I have put up a
with screencaps. The usual praises from big names, the usual FUD
from Microsoft and no big news for the übergeek. And yet an
interesting item understandable by the average viewer.

“We don’t know if you should say Leenucks or Linux, but what we
do know is that it’s about the nightmare of Microsoft and Bill
Gates. Linux is a computer operating system that challenges
Windows. It would be faster and more reliable than the Microsoft
product that conquered the world, and on top of that it’s free. By
the way, Linux is not just a computer program: it’s a world-wide
social movement.”

“Whatever you see on the PC, an Internet program, a calculation
program, a word processor or a nice game; in almost every case
Windows runs beneath. But, the attack has been launched. Not by
another powerful enterprise but by an army of spare-time software