Linux Journal: Adventure

“A trip down gaming’s memory lane with an enthusiastic,
long-time player.”

“Adventure is an old game and one that has been known by many
names: ‘Adventure’, ‘Colossal Cave’, and the simplistic
abbreviation ‘Advent’. As games go, it is indeed a classic, having
sparked an entirely new tangent of game development in the early
days of the gaming industry. Its effects can still be felt

“I sat down this morning to write a review of a game. At some
point, I figured I’d tell about its strengths and weaknesses. In
the end, I’d probably assign it a value in stars or thumbs or
joysticks or some other arbitrary measurement of quality. However,
assigning a letter of quality to this game is nearly as
anachronistic as seeing The Illiad on Oprah’s booklist; it is
simply inappropriate and demeans the true quality of the work. So
instead, I’m going to tell you what this game has meant to me, a
little about where it came from, and how it shaped the Quake III
world in which we live today. We’ve come a long way from the early
days of text adventures–or have we?”