Linux Journal: Developing C/C++ Applications with the KDevelop IDE

“The aim of this article is to enable you to create an
application with the KDevelop Integrated Development Environment
(IDE) on a Linux/UNIX system running KDE 2. We explain this process
by creating a sample application that gives some insight into the
development framework and how it works. This might require getting
your development environment set up correctly, so that you can work
efficiently when getting started with your very own application or
extension for the KDE 2 Desktop.

An IDE provides the user with a complete set of tools that
integrate into one graphical environment. It’s an enormous bonus
for developers if the environment remains flexible enough to handle
things separately or outside of the IDE, so they are not forced to
use the IDE’s features where they think other tools are more

Although IDEs on other platforms, especially on Microsoft
operating systems, come with all the tools bundled into one
package, it’s very different on a UNIX system. With UNIX, the
compiler, which is needed to create applications from the
programming code that can be run on a machine, is part of the
operating system. Various tools that can be used in conjunction
with the compiler, like make or the GNU tools, are delivered as
separate packages, and an IDE makes use of these tools


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