Linux Journal: Ellison Plugs Linux into Oracle’s Network Dreams

“Ellison is typically tight-lipped about the specifics of both
the new company and the new network computers. So far, all that is
known for sure is that the computers will feature Intel processors
and the Linux operating system. And Netscape Navigator. When asked
just when the network computers will ship, Ellison responded,

“A little more detail would be helpful, particularly insofar as
this is not Oracle’s first foray into network computing. As the San
Francisco Chronicle reported earlier this month, Ellison’s plan to
evolve the world from the PC to network computers was met with
significant initial interest four years ago when it was first
introduced. But as PC prices plummeted, fewer and fewer corporate
managers were willing to risk investing in Ellison’s
as-yet-unproven idea of almost complete reliance on intranets for
even basic user applications.”

Still, Ellison has stuck to his guns, shouting “Network
Boxes!” even as the cry of “PC Boxes!” grew both louder and less
Ellison’s first attempt at network computers,
Network Computer Inc., eventually switched focus toward developing
software for interactive television, then changed its name to
Liberate Technologies, and went public in August. The company now
has nearly $3 billion in market capitalization.”