Linux Journal: Emulate This!, Part 2

“Welcome to part two of our “Linux can work with just about
anything” series, right here at the SysAdmin’s Corner. I’m actually
calling this series “Emulate This!”, a journey into a kind of
forced interoperability and a discussion of how Linux rises to the
challenge. Last time around, I told you about Mtools, a great
little package that allows you to easily move DOS files from
diskettes and back. In today’s column, I am going to raise the
stakes somewhat.

“I have a friend (who shall remain nameless), a world-famous
science fiction writer who still writes with Wordstar for DOS. On a
number of occasions, he has talked about shedding the shackles of
that other OS but claims that running Wordstar for DOS is one of
the reasons he hasn’t switched. This article is for him and people
like him.

“In order to run DOS applications under Linux, start with a
great little program called DOSEMU. In this case, DOS can mean
DR-DOS, MS-DOS and other variants, one of which I will highlight in
this article. DOSEMU, in case you haven’t already guessed, stands
for DOS Emulation. If you’ve got an old DOS program lying around
that you are still pining for, it’s time to find that old diskette.
First, though, head on over to the DOSEMU site and pick up your
copy of the software…”


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