Linux Journal: Europe Takes a Deeper Look at Free/Libre and Open-Source Software

“The final report on Free/Libre and Open-Source Software (FLOSS)
from the International Institute of Infonomics at the University of
Maastricht, The Netherlands is being viewed as a ‘major research
project’ coming out of Europe. The report takes a detailed look at
the reasons behind the growing use of free and open-source
software. Commentators have already called this study perhaps the
‘first large-scale, rigorous study concerning any aspect of free
software’. It included interviews with thousands of developers and
hundreds of businesses.

One of the key persons behind this study is Rishab Aiyer Ghosh,
who moved from the Indian capital of New Delhi to Europe a couple
of years ago. Before moving, the 27-year-old Indian-born was
involved in the Indian internet/telecom scene. He also wrote for
technical and mainstream publications. In addition, Ghosh had his
own newsletter, ‘Indian Techonomist’, that went out to people such
as Reed Hundt and Vint Cerf. At the request of senior Indian
government officials, he contributed various consultation papers
concerning opening up internet policy, especially to small

“So does Aiyer Ghosh believe the FLOSS report will change the
way free and open-source software is perceived? ‘Not necessarily’,
he says but then adds, almost as an afterthought, ‘but hopefully
the study will increase the depth and clarity with which the
phenomenon is understood…'”


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