Linux Journal: Linux Optimization and Fine Tuning

“I am sure almost all users of the Linux OS have heard
or read, at one time or other, how Linux can and is being run on
old 486s with just 16MB of RAM. And if you are (un)lucky enough to
know some Linux guru, he would surely have boasted of this fact
(and probably more than once). Upon hearing/reading this, the
question that most surely pops up in a normal user’s mind is, “Hey,
how come my Celeron with 64MB of RAM is so slow?” Don’t worry, help
is here. This article will help you get your Linux box running like
a well-oiled Lamborghini Countach QV 5000 with vectored super
charging, traction control, fuzzy logic power steering, one touch
response brakes…well, you get the idea.”

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