Linux Journal: Product Review — Applixware 4.4.1 for Linux

“Once I found Linux, the search for productivity software
soon began.
I still needed to interact with others using the
typical MS Windows applications, so importing and exporting to
these formats was a priority. I took a serious look at
Applixware and present here the results of my

“As a standalone productivity suite, the Applixware package is
more than sufficient. It is inexpensive (I’ve seen it for as little
as $159.00 Canadian), powerful, and in most cases, easy to learn.
The major pitfall is the import issue in which it cannot properly
import some of the more popular file formats, most notably dBase
and presentation files. If you plan to use it to create files for
the rest of the world, stick to the word processor and spreadsheet
modules. You will be able to import and export to the most popular
formats, if not in native format, then through RTF.”