Linux Journal: The First Linux Installfest in Iraq

“The Linux operating system is becoming more and more prevalent
nowadays here in Iraq, which is good news. So far, however, most of
us who have contact with Linux and/or UNIX are technical employees,
system/network administrators and the like, although not that many
programmers. Actually, it seems that such technical people are
being forced to deal with Linux by their bosses and high-ranking
officers. The big and mostly foreign companies working in Iraq are
aware of the power open-source software offers in many aspects of
computing. Iraqi national companies still seem to lack this
awareness, however, and see only a small portion of the big picture
that open source has drawn for the worldwide community.

“Generally speaking, these Iraqi companies, at least now within
the hectic security situation in Iraq, do not emphasize the morals
behind the Open Source movement. Instead, they want the work to be
done fast–no time or place for social activities, even if such
activities might improve their chances of finding a
Linux-knowledgeable person for the job…”


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