Linux Journal: Too Soon for Standards?

A cornucopia of delicious quotables. Garners my vote as the
Linux editorial of the week. David Penn is a writer to be reckoned
with. — lt ed.

“To those who have been stalking Microsoft for years, it must
seem as if the end of the hunt is almost at hand. As the Federal
antitrust trial against the software giant lumbers toward an autumn
finale, it becomes more and more evident that the battle over
software dominance has essentially been won.”

“As far as jurisprudence goes, and for all those waiting for the
carcass of Microsoft to be drawn and quartered, “settlement” has
been the preference of almost all the major players…”

“I think of this phenomenon in connection with the world of
Linux… the “problem child” of operating systems. A “problem
child” because the future that Linux points to is one where support
matters almost as much as features do…”