Linux kernel 2.2.0pre7ac5 released

Alan Cox writes:

I've put up 2.2.0pre7ac5 on

Differences between 2.2.0pre7ac4 and 2.2.0pre7ac5

o       Backed out the routing change - doesnt work and ANK dislikes it
o       Scheduling info fix
o       Re-order PCI probes to match 2.0.x more - this stops the ne2kpci and
        tulip cards changing ethN order between 2.0 and 2.2
o       Restored the multi-lun ide-scsi stuff. Sure it breaks the 1 in
        50,000 cases of people with multilun but it stops the tons of other
        cases where it crashes the machine.
o       More typo fixes
o       AIC7xxx defaults to tagged queue off
o       Remove IBM drive from blacklist
p       Page cache hash is now scaled by memory size
o       select()/poll() work for arbitary sized maps.
o       Everything doing version checks now uses version.h - fixes the
        compile problems with the bttv driver.
o       3c523 fixes (I hope)
o       Next step in the xconfig saga.
o       Cleaned up ipconfig ifdefs a little and fixed a small info bug in
o       Cleaned up KMOD ifdefs
o       Testing ANK's smp race fixes for networking

Differences between 2.2.0pre7ac3 and 2.2.0pre7ac4

o       Documentation cleanups
o       Fix some (harmless for now) bugs in the checksum code for i386
o       Remove bh fix
o       ex2fs scsi cdrom mounts should now work. Can people scream if
        some other sort died instead
o       Unregister hooks for user mode IDE swappers on laptops.

Differences between 2.2.0pre7ac2 and 2.2.0pre7ac3

o       Davem's sparc patches merged. Might well work sparc now
o       NFS client over tcp works. 
o       Dropped IPI counter remnant
o       More Config.help cleanup
o       matroxfb help improvements
o       Ted's serial fix
o       8390 versus PCMCIA fix
o       PPP ipv6 change
o       IPX crash fix (I hope)
o       Last bits of the ultimate make xconfig we hope
        (xconfig should now be nice for all)

Differences between 2.2.0pre7ac1 and 2.2.0pre7ac2

o       Fixed Config help bug in PCI stuff
o       NFS client over tcp might well work now
o       IP automatic route addition can be disabled
o       IPX bind to down interface sort of fixed.
o       Small sound clean ups on the SB/ESS stuff
o       Major bttv update - please test this hard
o       Make xconfig ought to work - give it a hammering
o       Updated RCPCI I2O lan driver
o       AHA15xx config info update
o       Typo fixes
o       Added dcache doc
o       APM update
o       Old HD driver fixed
o       Geometry fixes for IDE
o       UM8886 IDE controllers irq detection fixed
o       3c59x byte counters
o       Remove remaining cern_hippi bits
o       ext2 fsync update
o       isofs fixes
o       de4x5 should compile ok now

Differences between 2.2.0pre7 and 2.2.0pre7ac1

o       Config help for Apollo and for INITIO scsi
o       Large fd arrays (100,000 per process!)
o       Console font handling fixes in 512 char mode
o       Lance allows compiling as a module
o       EEPro100 has byte counters
o       Some shaper bug work - still doesnt work in 2.2.0pre
o       Symbios 53c416 support
o       QlogicFC fibre channel controller support
o       Problems with certain numbers of disks fixed
o       PAS2 and SB sound fixes
o       Swap/page size header stuff handled right
o       NFS client knows about BSD style FIFO rule
o       Memory locking fixes for /proc
o       AVL tree VMA handling for speed when running debug tools
o       Root-dev sysctl works for both endians
o       IP masquerade bug fix for ICMP masq
o       NFS over TCP mostly works
o       Xconfig fixes
o       IPI counter on SMP
o       ver_linux script improvements

Oh yeah I left some I2O references in in error. Just say N to those 8)


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