Linux kernel 2.2.0pre7ac7 released

Alan Cox has released his latest patch against the 2.2.0pre7

Alan Cox writes:

“Ok if things go to plan, there should be no more -ac patches
until 2.2.0 final, where I’ll put out what I think is actually
going to be little more than an NFS FIFO, large file array and a
couple of drivers kit.”

“So I can concentrate on 2.0.37pre again can people send patches
to 2.2pre to Linus directly (and marked PATCH:) I know quite a few
people were feeding them to me instead but its now close enough to
2.2 final that I can’t do any more with such patches than bounce
them to Linus, and Im a hacker not a secretary 8)”

On his diary page, he

“Did whats probably a final resync with Linus for 2.2. [You can
infer what you like from that comment].”

We infer 2.2.0 is just around the corner!