Linux kernel 2.2.10ac10 released

Alan Cox writes:

This should be the last 2.2.10ac for a few days. I'm going to go work on 
some other things that need doing and let this little lot settle, then try
and finish pushing it all to Linus for 2.2.x (most of this is now in 2.3.x)



o       ISI driver update + PCI support         (MultiTech)
o       Alpha SMP compile fix                   (Jim Gettys)
o       Changes file update                     (Chris Ricker)
o       Set page offset in dump header          (HirokazuTakahashi)
o       Try and avoid allocating ISA space when possible
        [This is an experiment to see if it fixes
         the sound stuff etc]                   (H J Lu)
o       YAM radio modem driver                  (Frederic Rible)
o       Maybe fix EATA-dma SMP race             (Marcelo Tosatti)

o       Squashed several of the memory check    (me)
        bugs reported on l/k
o       Fix IDE tape bugs                       (Gadi Oxman)
o       Fix memchr generic code                 (me)
o       Cleanup procfs warnings                 (Zack Weinberg)
o       Clean up copy_*_user in network devs    (Augusto Cesar Radtke)
o       Fix Zoltrix mute                        (Artur Skawina)
o       Compaq array driver                     (Charles White, Compaq)
        | I've hacked it about a little to fix some
        | obvious minor things. I may have broken it - AC
o       Fix memory bug in AVM isdn driver       (Lars Heete)
o       FAT fix                                 (Al Viro)
o       IRQ optimisation                        (Andrea, Chuck ?)
o       Alpha clone() fixes                     (Richard Henderson)
o       Allow IRQ5 on Opti 924 PnP              (Torsten Duwe)
o       loop fixes                              (Andi Kleen)
o       Fix recvfrom 0 bytes address set        (Assar Westerlund)
o       MIPS ipc fix                            (Ralf Baechle)
o       Panasonic DVD ident                     (Nathan Laredo)

o       Speed up QlogicFC driver                (Chris Loveland)
o       Update GemTek radio driver              (Jonas Munsin)
o       Fixed fork race                         (Kanoj Sarcar)
o       SMP irq detection fix for com90xx       (Andrew Kroll)
o       Maui fixes                              (Andrew Kroll)
o       Alpha keyboard include fix              (Jeff Garzik)
o       memchr() for generic case               (Matthew Wilcox)
o       ioctl/immutable fix                     (Chris Evans)

o       Turn slab poisoning on properly         (Stephen Tweedie)
o       AIC7xxx update                          (Doug Ledford)
o       Fix Masquerading bits                   (Dave Miller)
o       Fix security hole in AX.25 stack        (Tomi Manninen)
o       Sparc patches                           (Dave Miller)
o       MSDOS lookup optimisations              (Al Viro)
o       Small net fixes                         (Eddie Dost)
o       Fix Null interface oops in Appletalk    (Adrian Sun)
o       Fix FIBMAP ioctl to require RAWIO cap   (Chris Evans)
o       Allow >8Gig disks on Qlogic controllers (Andries Brouwer)
o       Masquerade update                       (Juan Jose Ciarlante)
o       KNFSD updated                           (HJ Lu, David Woodhouse)
o       Sound documentation intro update        (Wade Hampton)
o       Fix ioremap to top of memory case       (Linus, backport from 2.3)

o       Handle corrupt EFS superblocks          (Andrzej M. Krzysztofowicz)
o       Cyclades driver update                  (Ivan Passos)
o       Z85230 driver fixes                     (Daniel Marmier)
o       Merge 2.2.11pre1
o       Bounding set sysctl                     (Matthew Kirkwood)
o       Fix lvm + !proc compile case            (Marcelo Tosatti)
o       Fix radiotrack2 compiled in case        (Jeremy Boulton)
o       Fix socket/glibc clash                  (David Woodhouse)
o       SPARC resync                            (Dave Miller)
o       Hash bucket fixes for TCP etc           (Dave Miller)
o       Enable SLAB poisoning so we can try 
        and get more clues on the disk problem
        a few folks see                         (me)
o       Merge a slightly cleaned up Buz driver  (Rainer Johanni, Dave Perks)
        | I 'cleaned' this a bit so mail me bugs first not them

o       Problems with new epic100 - backed out
o       Further small MIPS merges               (Ralf Baechle)
o       Fix sysctl for sysrq                    (Willy Tarreau)
o       Wait longer on bootup for keyboard      (priikone)
o       FAT16/FAT28 update                      (Al Viro)
o       Removable media disk change bug fix     (Giuliano Pochini)
o       Allow Masq to handle extended irc CTCP  (Scottie Shore)
o       Fix shared IRQ handling in serial.c     (David Hinds)
o       Fix "doubly enqueued task"              (Trond Myklebust)
o       Sysctl doc update                       (Peter Breitenloher)
o       DEPCA oversize packet fix               (Alexey Kuznetsov)

o       Merge with all the MIPS tree            (Ralf Baechle and co)
o       Trix sound driver takes "joystick=1"    (me)
o       Updated EPIC100 driver                  (Don Becker)
o       Updated NE2K PCI driver                 (Don Becker)
o       Updated RTL8139 driver                  (Don Becker)
o       Updated Tulip driver                    (Don Becker)
o       Updated VIA Rhine driver                (Don Becker)

o       SCSI cmd_len fix                        (?? off linux-kernel)
o       IN2000 SCSI fixes for newer binutils    (Alan Modra)
o       SMP scsi fixes                          (Marcelo Tosatti/me)
o       Tulip fix                               (Keith Owens)
o       Never oom init                          (Andrea Arcangeli)
o       Fix eepro100 ring alignment             (Jes Sorensen)
o       Make sysrq runtime configurable         (me)
o       Quota race fix updates                  (Jan Kara)
o       ARP crash fix                           (Alexey Kuznetsov)
o       Drop the problematic sangoma stuff      (me)
o       Fix an NFS rpc out of memory handler    (James Yarbrough)
o       Fix cadet data corruption bug           (Fredrick Gleason)
o       Large nbd size fix                      (??)
o       Shaper device stats                     (Jordi Murgo)

o       LVM support                             (Heinz Mauelshagen)
o       Fix scsi and bttv symbol problems       (me)
o       SCSI sleep handling bug fix             (Chris Loveland)
o       Qlogic update                           (Chris Loveland)
o       Now assume all ZIP IDE floppy firmware is
        funny. Testing seems to imply it is     (me)
o       Fix alpha compile bug                   (Daniel Frasnelli)

o       BTTV support for ultrasparc             (DaveM)
o       Tridge is smbfs maintainers             (Andy Tridgell)
o       Fix Coda includes                       (Arvind Sankar)
o       Fix mknod over knfsd                    (Pavel Krauz)

What is different between 2.2.10 and 2.2.10ac (main items)

o       System 5 file system supports V7 disk format
o       2Gig support or some alphas
o       Choose 1 or 2Gig support for X86
o       APM update
o       Large file arrays
o       Sparc 64 bttv TV card support
o       Mappable DMA memory driver for the G200 3D project
o       WDT watchdog configure options (command line yet to do)
o       IBM PCI token ring driver
o       ARLAN driver
o       Sealevel systems 4021 driver
o       SEEQ 8005 driver can be a module
o       SCSI-2 names known by the scsi loggers
o       Better handling of out of memory during scsi load/unload
o       SCSI error handler doesn't stop initrd unloads
o       Experimental sb mode enablers for ESS Maestro-1
o       Misc small sound fixes
o       ESS sound fixes (WIP)
o       VGA16 console support
o       Quota race fixes
o       Faster NFS client layer
o       Updated knfsd
o       Updated Sangoma drivers (seem to have bugs)
o       gethere trick for better network code generation
o       drop kernel lock on some performance critical user access paths
o       Multipath routing
o       Updated ksymoops package
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