Linux kernel 2.2.13aa2 released

Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 20:54:55 +0200 (CEST)
From: Andrea Arcangeli 
To: [email protected]

2.2.13aa2 is the stable tree I use here. 2.2.13aa2 is composed by these
patches. Some of the patches are controversial and they must be applyed in
`ls` order. The patches are separated exactly to allow everybody out there
to trivally merge the patches and to be able to see only the interesting

SMP-scheduler-2.2.11-E.gz        -> rewrote of reschedule_idle. (me)
buffer-hash.gz                   -> fixes lowmem box hash size. (me)
buffer-races-2.2.10-A.gz         -> fixes of race condition that may lead
                            to bad things in invalidate_buffers()
                            and set_blocksize(). (me)
clear-backlog-2.gz               -> fixes for a SMP race condition in
                            the main network backlog handling. (me)
dcache-hash.gz                   -> dcache hash dynamic (with my
                            own heuristc). (started from 2.2.13ac1 
                                but then reimplemented by me)
free_page.gz                     -> cleanup of the __free_pages
                            interface. (me)
hashed-buffers-2.2.10.gz         -> minor fix to increase the debugging
                            information in the right place. (me)
inode-leak-2.2.10-A.gz           -> make sure to not leak memory
                            by allocating lots of sockets (DoS),
                            and let know the admin to enlarge
                            the max-inodes if the admin really 
                            wants more unfreeable memory in the
                            icache. (me)
kupdate-sigstop-2.2.11-1.gz      -> allow kupdate to be stopped via
                            SIGSTOP (currently it must be stopped
                            by setting interval to zero via
                            sysctl). (me)
no-swapout-2.2.10-B.gz           -> avoid swapin/swapouts during heavy
                            I/O (strictly necessary for decent
                            performances on very I/O and MM loaded
                            servers). (me)
oom-2.2.12-I.gz                  -> assorted OOM fixes (deadlocks in
                            pagein, Alpha SIGBUS fix, avoid
                            sigkilling iopl() application send
                            a sigterm instead, avoid init
                            to be killed), it's the same
                            patch merged by Alan into 2.2.14pre2. (me)
pagecache-hash.gz                -> pagecache hash dynamic (I think
                            it's DaveM's work, literally I took it
                            from 2.2.13ac1). I agree with the
                            heuristc used. It allocates
                            num_physpages buckets for the pagecache
                            and this basically means all the
                            buckets will be filled supposing a
                            perfect hash distribution with all the memory
                            allocated in the cache. (all credits
                            to David S. Miller)
probe-irq-2.3.14-pre2-1.gz       -> avoid a pending irq to be mistaken
                            for a spurious irq. (me)
shrink_all_cache-2.2.10-A.gz     -> make sure that big memory boxes will
                            shrink the cache well enough. (me)
trashing-mem-2.2.10-A.gz         -> heuristic to penalize memory hogs,
                            the system will remains responsive
                            also during heavy swapout. (me)
version.gz                       -> set the EXTRAVERSION to aa2 ;)
wait-event-smp-races.gz          -> Put the two mb() after setting the
                            task state as blocking and before
                            checking if the event is just happend
                            (SMP race fix). (me)
wait4-smp-race.gz                -> _Critical_ SMP race fix.
                            Without this one liner each time you
                            run `ls` from bash, the bash is going
                            to deadlock in wait4 if you are unlucky
                            enough. The race is very small
                            but there are machine under heavy
                            fork load load that reproduced this
                            race regularly after some day of load.
                            The SMP race can happen only
                            with an SMP kernel on a SMP hardware. (me)
wakeup_bdflush-2.2.10-A.gz       -> avoid deadlocking in wakeup_bdflush
                            (the run_task_queue() can sleep for
                            example while running the loop
                            request function). (me)
z-bigmem-2.2.13aa2-6.gz          -> 4GB support on x86. (me and
                            Gerhard Wichert)
z-bigmem-nodebug.gz              -> turn the bigmem code into production
z-bigmem-rawio-2.2.13aa2-1.gz    -> rawio working even with bigmem memory
                            (I started with rawio from 2.2.13ac1
                            and SCT's 2.3.x rawio bounce buffers,
                            all the credits go to Stephen C.
zmagic-all-blocksize.gz          -> allow zmagic binaries to run
                            also on 4k filesystems (it's the same
                            that gone into 2.2.14pre2). (me)

To go in sync with 2.2.13aa2 you can:

 mkdir 2.2.13aa2
 cd 2.2.13aa2
 wget --retr-symlinks -A*.gz ftp://ftp.us.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/andrea/kernels/v2.2/2.2.13aa2/*
 cd ..

and now you'll have all the interesting patches in the directory

At this point rename the 2.2.13 sources to 2.2.13aa2:

 mv linux-2.2.13 linux-2.2.13aa2
 cd linux-2.2.13aa2

and apply all the 2.2.13aa2 patches that you previously downloaded from
the ftp site:

 apply-patches.sh ../2.2.13aa2

At this point your tree will be in sync with 2.2.13aa2. Just configure
recompile and boot the new kernel.

You can find the `apply-patches.sh` bash script I written to easily apply
my kernel patches here:


There is also a README on how to use it:


The 2.2.13aa2 kernel is placed here:


Have fun!