Linux kernel 2.2.13pre11 aka “Release Candidate #1” released

Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 00:50:19 +0100
From: Alan Cox [email protected]
To: [email protected]

Ok this should fix the last few bugs that needed closing, and some small
fixes for the token ring (afaik sktr still doesnt work but someone now
seems to know why which is good)

I've got several other drivers and good patches that are queued. I'm going
to sit on most of them until 2.2.14. The only stuff I want for 2.2.13 now
is bug reports (and preferably fixes). Just bug fixes.

I'd like to get the reported network delay stuff nailed if possible and also
the SMP hang reports. I'm not interested in reports that include the knfsd,
nfs client or Ingo raid patches. Not because I think they are bound to be
the cause but because I want less variables - ditto stuff built with
gcc 2.95 or later on x86

If you see hangs on unadulterated 2.2.13pre11 I definitely want to know. If
you can run the ikd patch and other tools to get dumps even better.


o        Fix /dev/random scribble                (Ted Tso)
o        Multicast on token ring                         (Mike Phillips)
o        Fix tty locking bug                     (Ted Tso)
o        Alpha updates (fix udelay etc)          (Jay Estabrook)
o        Make NULL C++ friendly in kernel        (Ben La Haise)
o        pcwd watchdog bug fix                   (Marc Boucher)
o        Fix dummycom bug on Alpha               (Jay Estabrook)

o        Fix SA_SHIRQ handling bug               (Andrea Arcangeli)
o        SMP time locking                        (Andrea Arcangeli)
o        Fix i386 tlb race                       (Andrea Arcangeli)
o        Fix bh race on SMP                      (Andrea Arcangeli)
o        SMP scheduler boot up race fix          (Andrea Arcangeli)
o        NFS fix                                         (Trond)
o        Clean up ntohl/htonl on 64bit boxes     (Jakub Jelinek)
o        Neomagic NM256 audio


o        Make shmall configurable                (Henrik Nordstrom)
        | + fixed a couple of bugs
o        Amateur radio update                    (Tomi Manninen)
o        Tlan unloads if it finds no cards       (Christian Holtje)
o        ISOfs fix                               (Todd Sabin)
o        Fix Amiga RDSK parsing                  (Benny)
o        Fix signal delivery hole                (me)
o        Davicom D9102 driver                    (Sten Wang, Davicom)
o        Strlen_user fix                                 (Ivan Kokshaysky)
        | I still strongly recommend you don't use gcc 2.95 to
        | build 2.2.13 kernels. There are 3 or 4 reports now of 'random
        | crash' that went away with older compilers.
o        Hopefully fixed the 3c527 properly      (me)

o        Fix PCI/PCI_QUIRKS compile error        (me)
o        I/O APIC update                                 (Ingo Molnar)
o        ISDN update                             (Karsten Keil)
o        SyncLink update                                 (Paul Fulghum)
o        PPC Update                              (Paul Mackerras)
o        QlogicISP fix                           (Dave Miller)
o        Update ctime on rename                  (Chris Siebenmann)
o        NFS generation ids                      (G. Allen Morris III)
o        Fix /proc kstk values                   (Solar Designer)
o        Updated multisound drivers              (Andrew Veliath)

o        EEPro100 for Ultrasparc                         (Dave Miller)
o        MediaGX audio bug workarounds           (me)
o        Wavelan bug fixes                       (Jean Tourrilhes)
o        SBNI driver                             (Yaroslav Polyakov)
o        AHA1542 option fix                      (Chris Faulhaber)
o        Fix possible sync_quota race            (Jan Kara)

o        Alpha SMP thread fixes                  (Elliot Lee)
o        Sparc updates                           (Dave Miller)
o        Recognize new 3c59x/3c90x cards                 (Dave Miller)
o        Make some PCI  drivers 64bit safe       (Dave Miller)
        [8390, ne2k-pci, rtl8139]
o        Sparc related updates                   (Dave Miller)
        [ati frame buffer, isp2100]
o        PPC updates                             (Paul Mackerras)
o        EATA scsi update (Alpha supported now)  (H J Lu, Dario Ballabio)
o        QlogicFC udpate                                 (Chris Loveland)

o        Fix 3c527 multicast crash               (me)
o        VIA Apollo Pro needs DMA workaround     (Takehiro TOMINAGA)
o        bttv ADS data update                    (Karl Heinz Kremer)
o        Clean potential kernel->user data leak  (Rpbert de Vries)
o        Advansys driver update                  (Bob Frey, Advansys)
o        Optimise the memory zoning changes      (Ben LaHaise)
o        Fix memory tracking bug in sk_buffs     (Henner Eisen)
o        strnlen_user/exec fixes                         (Solar Designer)
        | sparc,ppc fixes to follow
o        Always defragment is now a sysctl       
o        Documentation update for SG             (Doug Gilbert)
o        Module parameters for tlan              (spotted by Keith Owens)
o        Fix qnx memory corruption               (Andries Brouwer)
o        Masquerade list fixes                   (Julian Anastasov)
o        CD-ROM update                           (Jens Axboe)
o        Fix task counting race                  (Curtis Regentin)

o        Fix ATP delay loop                      (me)
o        Fix tioccons tests                      (Miquel van Smoorenburg)
o        VIA 82Cxxx audio                        (Jeff Garzik)
o        Trust radio driver                      (Eric Lammerts)
o        IBM ServeRAID driver                    (Keith Mitchell, IBM)
o        C-Media CMI 8338 PCI audio driver       (Chen-Li Tien)

o        Fix the buffer leak                     (Dave Miller)

o        Fix mm warning                          (Pascal Dupuis)
o        Improved execve fix                     (Solar Designer)
o        Fix SiS900 compile bug                  (Bill Nottingham)
o        Fix bttv tuner breakages                (Pauline Middelink)
o        Don't print confusing reports on
        3c529 probes with io/irq forced                 (Me)
o        Support multiple eepro cards            (Pascal Dupuis)
o        New home for watchdog tools             (Michael Meskes)
o        IP masquerade mfw fix                   (Julian Anastasov)
o        Name check fix in /proc/pid             (Solar Designer)
o        Make chown match tighter 2.0 behaviour  (Solar Designer)
        | Both behaviours are spec compliant btw
o        Disallow non root use of clone_pid      (Solar/me)
o        PPC sync up                             (Paul Gortmaker)
o        Sparc sync up                           (Dave Miller)

o        execve() fix - based on one by          (Tymm Twillman)
p        ext2fs flag fixes                       (Matthias Riese)
o        i2c tuner update                        (from Pauline Middelink)
o        bttv schedule on irq fix
o        Console race fixes/klogd                (Andrea Arcangeli)
o        Ensure version is up to date            (David Woodhouse)
o        QlogicFC fixes                          (Chris Loveland)
o        Fix memory leaks in the serial layer    (Armin Groesslinger)
o        ARM sound fixes                                 (Phil Blundell)
o        Assorted warning cleanups               (Riley Williams)
o        Fix arcnet bug in 2.2.12                (Riley Williams)
o        Small NFS fixes                                 (Trond Myklebust)
o        Updated sb1000 docs                     (Clemmitt Sigler)
o        Fix IPX packet handling                         (Kelly French)
o        PCI multifunction fixes                         (Martin Mares)
o        Back out mmap resource change           (Dick Streefland)
o        Minor cleanups                          (Mikael Pettersson)
o        Fix vt console print                    (Andrea Arcangeli)
o        Rate limit a.out binfmt errors          (Me)
o        Generate different ksyms for 1G/2G      (Me)
o        Small cleanups                          (David Weinehall)
o        Munmap, vm cache fix                    (Stephen Tweedie)

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