Linux kernel 2.2.1ac7 released

Alan Cox writes:


This is primarily for people who want the large file array support. Most of the
other stuff I intend to submit on to Linus for 2.2.1/2.2.2 -> whenever

If you have a problem in 2.2.1ac7 verify you can duplicate it with 2.2.1
before posting general bug reports if possible. Make sure it is obvious
if a bug report is about -ac6 to avoid any confusion.

Definitely let me know if you have any ac7 specific problems. Don't bother
Linus unless 2.2.1 unpatched also breaks.


Differences between 2.2.1ac6 and 2.2.1ac7

o       Merge with Linus 2.2pre5                        (me)
o       Fixed the timer bug report                      (me)
        | It was actually ok, but scsi_sleep didnt call
        | init_timer()
o       Shaper fixes                                    (Andrea Arcangeli)
o       Test driver for a pair of sealevel wan cards    (me)
o       Fix crash case on rpciod being killed by root   (Trond)
o       Some warning fixes                              (Niels Jensen)
o       Autofs security hole fix                        (Peter Anvin)
o       Allow persistent dma buffers on sound for
        non modular cases                               (Andrea Chiavazza)
o       Hopefully fix "interrupt from stopped card"
        on ne2k                                         (me)
o       Wavelan update                                  (Jean Tourrilhes)
o       Accept IEE 802.2 ARP on ether (RFC1042)         (Volker Dormeyer)
o       ICMP limiting disabled on loopback              (Andi Kleen)
o       IPX forwarding on unconfigured iface fix        (me)
o       IEE1284 readback timeout increased              (Tim Waugh)
o       Zoltrix radio API fix                           (Carl van Schaik)
o       Hooks for work in progress ESS Maestro driver   (me)
o       Legacy 8bit SB mode supported on ESS Maestro    (me)
        | Im working on the real stuff.
o       IRDA Update                                     (Dag)

Differences between 2.2.1ac5 and 2.2.1ac6

o       Merge to Linus 2.2.2pre
o       chgrp security fix                              (Mark Jefferys)
o       Delete now ignored source route config          (Jim Bauer)
o       NTFS out of memory crash fixes                  (Steve Dodd)
o       HFS corruption fixes                            (Adrian Sun)
o       IPX NULL pointer oops fix                       (Daniel Drown)
o       IDE SCSI lun fix                                (Wolfgang Wander)
o       Fix mkdir clearing setgid bit on dirs           (Trond)
o       IP filter security holes fixed                  (Andi, ANK)
o       VM Improvements                                 (Stephen Tweedie)
o       PPP/VJ panic on Alpha fix                       (Adrian Sun)
o       TCP timer race, timer bughunter                 (Ingo Molnar)
o       Typhoon radio support                           (Henrik Seidel)
o       COSA update                                     (Jan Kasprzak)
o       SMC ultra updated                               (Don Becker/Tom Rini)
o       SyncPPP keepalive count upped                   (Jan Kasprzak)
o       ACard PCI fixes                                 (Krzysztof Baranowski)
o       Future Domain MCA compile bug fixed             (David Weinehall)
o       IRDA update                                     (Dag Brattli)
o       QlogicFC update                                 (Chris Loveland)
o       Lock inode on fdatasync()                       (Chris Lawrence)

Differences between 2.2.1ac4 and 2.2.1ac5

o       Fixed a dumb sound bug introduced in ac4        (me)
o       Last bits of Linus 2.2.2pre1 merged             (Niels)
o       Warning cleanups                                (assorted)
o       drivers/net/Config.in fix                       (Niels)
o       scripts/ver_linux fix for net tools             (Niels)
o       CS89x0 module MODULE_PARMS missing              (me)
o       NFS lockd changes                               (HJ Lu)
o       NFS write clustering fixes                      (Trond)
o       Merged with Linus 2.2.2pre2
o       EEPro100 IRQ share fixes                        (Kai Makisara)
o       Fixed the TLAN crashes when out of memory       (me)

Differences between 2.2.1ac3 and 2.2.1ac4

o       AIC7xxx updated                                 (Doug Ledford)
o       Make clean fixes                                (Niels)
o       smbfs ioctl definition                          (Michael Warfield)
o       Test work to fix DEFxx driver for 2.2           (me)
o       Proc fs documentation fixes                     (Ulrich Windl)
o       Fix AMD step reporting                          (me)
o       CODA crash in /proc cure                        (Andrea)
o       Firewall marks lost on buffer copies            (ANK, Rusty)
o       Sound core fixes for ALSA use                   (Jaroslav)
o       Changes to NFS client flow control              (Trond)
o       SyncPPP negotiation fixes                       (me)
o       Merged in Linus 2.2pre1 diffs so I can
        generate new diffs for Linus
o       Draft "block size query" ioctl                  (me)
        | This is for comment/testing. Don't assume
        | its going to become a linux api item just yet

Differences between 2.2.1ac2 and 2.2.1ac3

o       VHX probing should be fixed                     (me)
o       Zoltrix TV card supported                       (Artur Skawina)
o       8K blocks/write cluster NFS                     (Trond/Olaf Kirch)
        | This is a big patch but based on previously 
        | tested code. I've put it in because - well it goes
        | rather fast 8)
o       Renamed bits of the genhd 2048 byte code to keep
        Linus happy                                     (me)
o       Added EXPORT_NO_SYMBOLS to smc ultra            (me)

Differences between 2.2.1ac1 and 2.2.1ac2

o       ESS updates (Rolf)
o       IDE probe irq fails fall back to the default IRQ (me)
o       Fixed an annoying use of hex not strings in net/sunrpc (me)
o       Initio A100 scsi support (Initio, Bas)
o       PS/2 mouse compat fixes (Scott Ananian)
o       MegaRAID update (AMI)
o       NFSD fix (Not sure who originated it)
o       Geometry fixes for IDE
o       Error in SCSI error workaround (Daio Ballabio)

Differences between 2.2.0ac2 and 2.2.1.ac1

o       Merged with Linus 2.2.1

Differences between 2.2.0ac1 and 2.2.0ac2

Bug Fixes

o       Ingo's fix for the "execute a core dump" crash
o       IRDA update
o       Endianness & other fbcon fixes
o       GUS setup
o       ESS build on Alpha (unknown symbol in modular build)
o       Baycom driver could lock parallel port
o       MegaRAID update
o       Midi timing fixes
o       Correct permissions on a write only sysctl

Additional Features

o       Full (I hope) support for 2048 byte media M/O drives.


o       Erik Andersen moved address

Differences between 2.2.0 and 2.2.0ac1

Bug Fixes

o       Fixed the ESS compile problem
o       Changed the OPL3-SA contact as requested by Hannu
o       Small number of time wrap fixes
o       Xconfig/atyfb config fix
o       AFFS apparently didnt get the flag fixes when the other drivers
o       /proc/mem locking

Additional Features

o       Support for very large numbers of file handles per process
        (> 1024)
o       Better bw-qcam driver
o       NFS client understands pipes on file systems mounted via NFS
o       Symbol name matching between versioned/unversioned modules

Additional Drivers

o       Qlogic Fibrechannel 
o       Symbios 53c416


o       ADFS updated
o       Lots of ARM merges
o       Ted's fsync change to ext2

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