Linux kernel 2.2.3ac1 released

Alan Cox writes:

Ok I’ve put up a 2.2.3ac1. For most people this is probably not
terribly exciting which is good, cos it means the Linus tree is
working nicely.

It contains

  • ARM updates – working to merge ARM with my tree then eventually
    I hope with Linus – tho that may be a 2.3 job
  • V7 file system tweaks to sys5 1K
  • Improved SCSI generic (still the mark 1 edition) – Douglas has
    some improvements in the pipeline before it goes to Linus
  • The Large file array patch. I still hope to feed this to Linus
    at some point
  • i386 security hole fix for ptrace. Its in the other
    architectures too. It only bites if you use capabilities. The
    bigger hole in /proc is fixed in 2.2.3
  • AMD K6 MSR/MTRR setup. The MSR is ready to go to Linus now, and
    will do so, the MTRR stuff I hope will get merged with Richard
    Gooch stuff once its untangled from devfs
  • ADFS update. Strictly for Acorn fans
  • CDROM updates. Heading Linuswards soon
  • Better bw-qcam driver.
  • Printing fixes. I assume Tim will send these to Linus himself
    when he’s finally happy
  • 3c509 update – for EISA etc – queued for Linus
  • Wavelan update – queued for Linus
  • cs89x0 module parameters – queued for Linus
  • Sealevel sync driver. Awaiting confirmation it works on the
    real board as well as my test rig
  • SCSI blacklist and AIC7xxx updates
  • Prototype ESS PCI and Yamaha PCI legacy mode drivers. Gus SMP
  • NTFS doesnt crash when you run out of memory
  • /proc/mem crash fixes for threaded abuse programs
  • NFS: Im still merging together Linus & Trond’s code. Once
    Trond has all the nice stuff finally tuned up with Linus this will
    all become main tree stuff. Im just making sure it gets tested
  • NFSroot argument bug
  • Misc include/time wrap bug fixes