Linux Kernel 3.10.103 LTS Has Lots of MIPS Improvements, Updated Radeon Drivers

For those of you who are wondering what’s new in the Linux kernel 3.10.103 LTS, we would like to tell you that this update brings many improvements to the MIPS, PowerPC (PPC), x86, ARM, ARC, and s390 hardware architectures, as well as various enhancements and fixes to the EXT4, CIFS, NFS, NILFS2, UBIFS, XFS, FUSE, and eCryptfs filesystems. There are also lots of updated drivers, in particular for Radeon, InfiniBand, SCSI, USB, Virtio, Xen, MTD, MMC, MD, iiO, HID, GPIO, ATA, Crypto, and networking (mostly Ethernet and Wireless) devices, as well as an updated networking stack with IPv6, IPv4, Netfilter, Netlabel, Ceph, Bluetooth, IrDA, mac80211, SCTP, SunRPC, and RFKill fixes. The sound stack was updated as well with some new audio drivers.