Linux Kernel 4.7.4 Updates GPU Drivers, Adds OverlayFS and EXT4 Improvements

Linux kernel 4.7.4 is now the most advanced stable kernel that exists for GNU/Linux operating systems. However, looking at its appended shortlog and the diff from the previous maintenance version, namely Linux kernel 4.7.3, we can’t help but notice that the changes implemented in today’s release are pretty small in number. Only 59 files were changed, with 614 insertions and 282 deletions. Linux kernel 4.7.4 contains a single bugfix for x86 hardware architectures, updated GPU drivers for VC4 and Radeon hardware, an improved sound stack with firewire enhancements, and multiple improvements to the OverlayFS, EXT4, UBIFS, and XFS filesystems. The networking stack was updated as well, but only to patch a few issues with the SunRPC protocol.