Linux Kernel 4.7.7 Has NFS Improvements, Updated Wireless and InfiniBand Drivers

Linux kernel 4.7.7 comes with many improvements, including a large number of updated wireless drivers (Broadcom, Intel, Marvell), as well as for Ethernet (Intel), InfiniBand, MMC, MTD, MD, GPU (Radeon, Nouveau), DMA, I2C, GPIO, hwmon, IRQ Chip, NFC, PCMCIA, PINCTRL, SCSI, USB, and Watchdog. It also adds minor enhancements to the NFS and Ceph filesystems. Moreover, the Linux 4.7.7 kernel brings an updated networking stack with B.A.T.M.A.N. Advanced, Bluetooth, mac80211, and SunRPC changes, an updated sound stack with Intel Skylake, HDA, and OMAP improvements, various fixes to the ARM, ARM64 (AArch64), AVR32, MIPS, PowerPC (PPC), x86, and Tile hardware architectures, as well as the usual core kernel and mm bugfixes.