Linux Kernel 4.8.8 Improves IPv6 and IPv4 Support, Updates InfiniBand Drivers

On November 10, we reported on the availability of the Linux 4.8.7 kernel, which brought updates to the Radeon open-source graphics drivers and many other improvements, and it now looks like Linux kernel 4.8.8 is already out not even a week from the previous update. It’s not a major release tough, as it only changes a total of 49 files, with 368 insertions and 217 deletions. According to the diff from Linux kernel 4.8.7 and today’s appended shortlog, the Linux 4.8.8 kernel patch is here to update the networking stack with various IPv4, IPv6, packet scheduler, Netlink, Ethernet, IEEE 802.1Q, Bridge, Switchdev, and Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) changes, as well as to update InfiniBand, Ethernet (Mellanox and Freescale), PTP, SCSI, and USB drivers.