Linux Kernel 4.9.9 Released with Many Updated Drivers, x86 and PowerPC Fixes

With 74 files changed (506 insertions and 321 deletions), Linux kernel 4.9.9 is now considered the most advanced and secure stable kernel version there is for a Linux-based operating system. According to the appended shortlog, the biggest part of the patch are updated drivers, this time for things like BCMA, DMA, GPU (AMDGPU, Intel i915, Nouveau), iiO, HID, InfiniBand, PCI, PINCTRL, USB, Vhost, and Virtio. The rest of the Linux 4.9.9 kernel patch are various x86, PowerPC (PPC), Xtensa, and ARM64 (AArch64) improvements, and there are also some small fixes for the CIFS, EXT4, and NFS filesystems. The rest of the patch are core kernel and mm changes, as well as an updated networking stack with a SunRPC fix.