Linux Kernels 4.10.13, 4.9.25 LTS and 4.4.64 LTS Bring x86 and CIFS Improvements

Linux kernels 4.10.13, 4.9.25 LTS, and 4.4.64 LTS are out, and they’re here one week after the release of the previous maintenance updates, namely Linux kernel 4.10.12, Linux kernel 4.9.24 LTS, and Linux kernel 4.4.63 LTS. However, the Linux 4.10.13 kernel changes 26 files, with 195 insertions and 99 deletions, Linux kernel 4.9.25 LTS changes 24 files, with 178 insertions and 90 deletions, and Linux kernel 4.4.64 LTS changes 27 files, with 282 insertions and 128 deletions. The changes implemented in the Linux 4.10.13, 4.9.25 LTS and 4.4.64 LTS kernels are quite small and include various improvements to the x86, s390, ARM, and PowerPC (PPC) hardware architectures, as well as to the CIFS and UBIFS filesystems, a bunch of security fixes and the usual core kernel and mm changes, along with several updated drivers for ACPI, DAX, HID, input, MMC, MTD, and HV.