Linux Knowledge Base Weekly News #10 (04/12/00)

[ Thanks to Jason
for this report. ]

Although news has not been posted in some time, the LKB Project is far from
Development continues to roll along with many new
features underway and a Beta release scheduled for mid-May. A
road-map is now available at http://www.linuxkb.org/roadmap.html.
Below is a list of recent activities:

– Moderation System
Jason, with
the help of ccrider, has been working
on the all-encompassing moderation system that will allow easy
moderation of any aspect of the system. This is 85% complete.
– Commentation Tools
Jason has been working on getting the tools in place to allow
commenting to occur practicly anywhere in the tree. The display of
these comments are just about finished, and the submission tools
are getting underway.
– User Preferances
Jason got the user preferance framework put in place so that
all developers can very easily configure there pages to support
user preference.
– Article Moderation/Editing Forms
Dan has been hard
at work on Moderation/Edit forms for Articles. Expected to be done
within a week.
– Documentation
Dan has gotten still more completed on the auto-documentation
scripts he’s been writing to allow easy documentation in-code that
can be viewed in a clean, consistant manner.

Mike got the revised
version of the LKB developers site on-line!!! Awsome job Mike! This
site is FAR better than it’s predecessor! Mike also continues to
re-structure the developer’s site, forever making it better.

– Searching
Aaron and
Marc have done more work
to improve the HT://Dig system which should improve performance,
give better search results, and catch more bad links.
– External Documents
Aaron did a lot of work on improving our system for handling
documentation from outside the LKB. Changes include:
– Better display of external docs
– Beginnings of user prefs to determine how to display them
– Rules for catching poorly formed URI’s
– Conversion scripts for external docs
– Developer Tools
Aaron has added more perfection to the developer’s tarball,
making it easier still for contributors to get a working system in
– Backend scripts
Aaron accomplished several improvments to scripts being used to
cache DB information, making them more dynamic in nature and more
maintainable. He also improved the scheduling scripts used to
dynamicly schedule activites.

Note: This, and other pieces of news related to
the LKB can be found at http://www.linuxkb.org/news/.