Linux-Mandrake 5.2 available.

By Gael Duval

Linux-Mandrake 5.2 available.

December 1, 1998



December 1, 1998


CONTENT: Mandrake 5.2 GPL Edition Release, Mandrake 5.2 PowerPack
Release with Corel Wordperfect 8.0, mailling lists, others.


o Linux-mandrake 5.2 (Leeloo) GPL Edition release

I’m very pleased to announce that Linux-Mandrake 5.2 (Leeloo) is
available for FTP Download. It’s also already distributed by a few

Mandrake 5.2 (Leeloo) is based upon (updated) RedHat 5.2

Like the 5.1 version, Linux-Mandrake 5.2 integrates KDE 1.0
(ehanced) as its default graphical desktop.

Main components:

  • Linux Kernel version: 2.0.36 (final)
  • ld.so version: 1.9.5
  • glibc version: 2.0.7
  • egcs version: 1.0.3a
  • gcc version:
  • RedHat Linux version: 5.2 (with full updates)
  • KDE version: 1.0 (ehanced)
  • XFree86: 3.3.2
  • Gimp version: 1.0.1
  • Apache version: 1.3.3
  • Netscape Communicator version: 4.5
  • Emacs version: 20.3 + XEmacs 20.4

Furthermore, Linux-Mandrake 5.2 integrates several

First, you get an international installation procedure
(including en (default), cs, fi, no, tr, ro, sr, sk, de, da, se,
it, fr).

Plus Mandrake 5.2 add-ons:

  • kpackage 1.0 (.rpm/.deb packages manager)
  • x11amp 0.65 (mp3 player)
  • kvirc 0.8 (full featured graphical irc client)
  • licq 0.44 (ICQ client)
  • aktion 0.2 (mpeg/avi/mov player)
  • ksnapshot 0.2 (screenshots program)
  • ktelnet 0.61 (K version of telnet)
  • ktop 0.9 (graphical system-ressources vizualizer)
  • kpilot 3.0 (Pilot synchronization utilitie)
  • spacesounds (pre-integrated sound-theme for KDE)
  • GPL flash2 plugin (pre-integrated to Netscape)
  • krubik 1.04 (nice Rubik’s cube game)
  • kfortune 1.11 (get a new fortune each time you start KDE!)
  • xkobo 1.9 (a nice spacewar game)

Mandrake-SOHO (Small Office Home Office) extensions:

  • klyx 0.9 (WYSIWYG fronted to LaTeX)
  • maxwell 0.5 (wordprocessor, nice to import word6.0 and RTF
  • sane 0.74 (scanning plugin for Gimp – sane 1.0 soon)
  • korganizer 0.9 (full personal organizer)
  • ksendfax 0.3 (fax utilitie)
  • kvoice 0.3 (voice modem utilitie)

X-Server extensions(must be set manually):

XSuse servers (for various new video boards)
XBF server (for i740-based boards)

Locale (must be set manually) extensions:

Italian manpages
French manpages
Xtel 3.2 (French Minitel terminal)

o Linux-Mandrake 5.2 (Leeloo) PowerPack release

Mid-december, the “PowerPack” version of Mandrake 5.2 (Leeloo)
will be available. It will include:

  • the Linux-Mandrake 5.2 installation CD and related floppy
  • the Mandrake 5.2 full sources CD
  • the Mandrake 5.2 full applications CD
  • the Mandrake commercial applications (demos) CD
  • the complete Linux-Mandrake User Manual
  • 100 days installation support (email and fax)
  • a nice add-on: Corel Wordperfect 8.0 personal edition!

o Users

If you cannot download the Mandrake 5.2 GPL Edition from FTP
(more than 500 Mbytes), you can order a cheap copy from our
distributors. Check http://www.linuxmandrake.com/distributors/

Linux-Mandrake 5.2 (Leeloo) PowerPack will be soon available
there too.

o Distributors

We are actually looking for new distributors, in all countries
all over the world. Please contact: [email protected]

o Contributors

We are actually looking for:

  • translators
  • hackers
  • people with good RPM knowledge

Please contact: [email protected]

o Support

For questions about Linux-Mandrake 5.2 GPL Edition, users should
use our new mailing-lists:

(to subscribe, send “subscribe newbie(-digest)” or “subscribe
expert(-digest)” in the body of an email to [email protected]).
Actual subscribers to [email protected]
will be moved automatically.

o Screenshots:

There are new screenshots from Mandrake 5.2 on the Mandrake

o Thank you:

We would like to thank:

Daniele Medri.
Jean-François Martinez.
Pablo Saratxaga.
All the FTP maintainers.





o What is Linux-Mandrake exactly?

Linux-Mandrake is an updated Linux-RH 5.2 GPL, with KDE
graphical desktop fully integrated and preconfigured in it. Those
two parts have been modified and improved to work properly

o Main goals of this new distribution:

– we wish to provide a working and easy-to-install
linux-distribution for people who do not want to spend too much
time in installing and configuring their Linux system : just
install it and USE IT.

– we wish to provide a very attractive, easy-to-use, Linux
System for newbies coming from the very common OS that you know 😉
For example, after having your new Linux-Mandrake installed, just
type `startx’ and your beautiful KDE window-manager comes without
crying 🙂 Now, just click on the cd-rom icon (on your desktop) to
mount and use your cd-rom (it’s the same for floppy disks). This is
very easy and you do not need to be a privileged user for that

– we wish to provide a new distribution in a well-known linux
environment (RH 5.1)

—THE END———-