Linux Mint’s Cinnamon: A GNOME 3.x shell fork

[ Thanks to Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols for this link.

GNOME 3.2 keeps losing fans so leading Linux desktop
distribution Mint turns its attention to forking the GNOME shell
into a GNOME 2.x like desktop: Cinnamon….

No, Mint will only do it by creating its own GNOME 2.x style
interface. I wish them luck with this project. I’ve pretty much
given up on GNOME 3.x becoming a viable desktop for me and while I
like the idea of MATE, I’m not sure it will have broad enough
support to become a viable, long-term choice. Cinnamon, by building
on the foundation of GNOME 3.2, could well be the desktop that I
and other GNOME 2.x fans have been waiting for. I hope so. I really

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