Linux Productivity Magazine: Zope: Quick and Simple

[ Thanks to jorgerpo for this link.

“So the question is, what web programming tool is analogous to
LyX? The answer is Zope. The Zope author creates and modifies
various objects, and puts them together like Lego blocks. Because
these objects remain constant across web pages, you get a
completely consistent look and feel. And yet, when necessary, an
object can be modified for use in a subtree.

“Zope sites are primarily tree based. If an object is changed in
a directory, those changes filter down to any subdirectories.
Naturally, the object can be changed in a subdirectory, in which
case it will filter down to that subdirectory’s subdirectories.
Security is based on subdirectories–if person A has privilege B in
directory C, then A will have B in all subdirectories of C, unless
those privileges are changed in a subdirectory.

“The design of Zope shows that much attention has been paid to
the design process, the creation process, and the final product.
There’s a complete separation between the creation of content,
appearance (via various objects), and data, such that specialists
in each field can be employed without too much dependence on each
other. Given the parallel nature of such construction, a properly
managed project can go up fast. And the finished product is
stylistically consistent and solid…”


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