Linux: Suspend2 Becomes TuxOnIce

“The ‘Suspend2’ project has been renamed to ‘TuxOnIce’ Nigel
Cunningham announced on the lkml, ‘this is for a couple of reasons:
In recent discussions on LKML, the point was made that the word
‘Suspend’ is confusing. It is used to refer to both suspending to
disk and suspending to ram. Life will be simpler if we more clearly
differentiate the two. The name Suspend2 came about a couple of
years ago when we made the 2.0 release and started self-hosting. If
we ever get to a 3.0 release, the name could become even more
confusing! (And there are already problems with people confusing
the name with swsusp and talking about uswsusp as version

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