Linux Today Quick Takes

In this Quick Takes you will find: Corel Puts Internal WINE on
CVS, DVD Protest Results, Bluetooth For Linux, User-mode Linux,
MicroFocus Cobol on Linux Mailing List and more.

  • Godehard
    sent in this link:

    “Corel Puts Internal WINE on CVS
    The purpose of this site is to bring the development community
    together and to provide visitors with more detailed information
    about Corel’s Open Source projects. It will also serve as a
    discussion forum through the use of our development mailing lists.
    You’ll be kept up-to-date on issues such as the organization of our
    desktop UI work, CVS access to our source code, and an exciting new
    application-level printing technology we’re currently working

  • David E. Weekly

    “Unblocking Napster
    I was rather upset that various Universities had blocked access to
    Napster, so I’ve written
    a short
    for Linux users on how they can set up a SOCKS5 server to allow other people
    access to the Napster network.”

  • David Bubar for this
    link. ]

    Publishing RPGs Online: Does Free Mean Worthless?

    is a story about Open Sourcing RPG’s and how that would
    restore value to the free RPG’s on the net. You have complete
    editorial license for this. I will try and post some relevant

    “This is where we borrow from the world of computer science the
    concepts of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and Open Source
    Computing Movement (OS) to try to restore our self-worth. Like the
    GNU/Linux software, just because you don’t have to pay for my game
    doesn’t mean it isn’t as good as the commercial games. Right?”

  • Mike Hicks writes:

    “DVD Protest Results
    The Tribune of San Luis Obispo has an article
    on John Kew, one of the defendants in the Santa Clara DeCSS case.
    He handed out flyers in one of the theaters in his area. 2600 also
    has some results from protests
    around North America. It sounds like the public was fairly
    receptive. They also have suggestions if people plan to continue
    doing this in the future, namely the fact that you can ask for a
    permit or other permission, and stand much closer to the entrances
    of theaters.”

  • Dennis Payne
    sent us this link about:

    “Open Game Source: Troll Bridge
    The latest Open Game Source article is now available at:


    Since I haven’t had much time to work on Troll Bridge, I decided
    to feature it on Open Game Source. The article focuses on the
    content creation tools.”

  • Thanks to Peter Karlsson
    for this link. ]

    “Bluetooth For Linux
    “Axis has developed a Bluetooth driver for Linux that can be used
    both in our eLinux environment as well as on an ordinary Linux PC.
    The code is developed for a Linux 2.0.33 kernel, but should not
    prove difficult to fit in the latest kernels. It is still under
    development though so don’t expect fully functional software –
    especially the integration of the stack within the kernel is
    fluctuating. Still we know that it works with at the LAN profile of
    Bluetooth (PPP overRFCOMM) and provides a simple form of Service
    Discovery. The source code to Axis’ Bluetooth driver is available
    in the Download section, both in the stand-alone Bluetooth file and
    the elinux kernel release. All code is released under the GPL (Gnu
    Public License).”

    This is taken from http://developer.axis.com/software/bluetooth/.”

  • Jacek Artymiak one of
    the authors, set us this link:

    “StarOffice for Linux Bible
    StarOffice for Linux Bible
    from IDG is out. Sample chapter is
    . I’d love to hear your comments.”

  • Thanks to Jeff Dike for
    this link:

    “User-mode linux 0.8-2.3.48 available
    The news with this version is that it has devfs enabled. The
    binaries have both kernel and user-level support for devfs.

    This makes it possible to play with devfs without having to
    experiment on a real machine.

    The downloads are available from http://sourceforge.net/project/filelist.php?group_id=429″

    The project home page is here.”

  • Thanks to Jacek
    for this link:

    “The future of Unix (according to IBM-sponsored consultants)
    Interesting opinion from the folks at IBM about the future of UNIX,
    with special focus on Monterey (NT killer) and a bit of Linux as
    well (not ready for high-end enterprise computing yet).


    Note: requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.”

  • Thanks to Cristian R.
    sent us this:

    “Planeta Linux Argentina: xMAME, the Game Machine In this new
    (in spanish), we discuss the Linux implementation of
    the Multi Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) and it’s multiple
    possibilities for bringing back to life those arcade games of the
    80’s we used to love so much. DOS-Emu and Wine are also mentioned,
    links and screenshots included.”

  • Keith Garner sent us this

    “MicroFocus Cobol on Linux Mailing List Started
    More and more people are trying to get MicroFocus
    to work under Linux, be it the SCO version running with
    the help of IBCS or the new native
    recently released by Merant. As there are sure to be
    many trials and tribulations along the way, we’ve set up a mailing
    list to help those users communicate.

    [email protected]
    is the mailing list. To subscribe send a piece of mail to [email protected]
    with the word “subscribe” in the body.

    Any questions/comments/concerns can be directed to Keith Garner .”