Linux Today Quick Takes

Quick takes aplenty this time around. In Malaysia, Linux users
have gone wireless; in the Netherlands, business gets serious about
Linux; in your mailbox, Microsoft cries out for help; and on their
own pages, even as they cuddle up with GNOMEs, Sun spreads a
little… sunshine… about “public domain software.” And that’s
not all.

  • Curt Wuollet wants to
    know “How many got Micro-spammed?”:

    Just as I thought we were in a lull in the DOJ vs Microsoft
    affair, I have noticed a perceptable increase in the covert and
    overt FUD campaigns. The last salvo left me curious. I received
    spam directly from Microsoft on behalf of the “Freedom to Innovate
    Network” bemoaning their current persecution both from the US
    government and the EU and explaining that Sun is trying to steal
    their trade secrets and they are courageously resisting yada, yada,

    Since the mailing came from microsoft.com, I am assuming that
    FIN is one of the propaganda organs of MS and the mailing is

    I was wondering what demographic selection could possibly have
    me as sympathetic to their cause. Are they selectively targeting
    Linux folks? Is it simply blanket bombing? It was certainly
    unsolicited email and offered no reply mechanism…. (probably a
    good idea if you are MS spamming Linux people) I was disappointed
    in that all I could do was remove myself from their mailing list.
    Is this a new tactic? Have the mighty sunk so low? Ask around,
    let’s figure it out.

  • Jerome Makrel

    There’s a somewhat older article at Geekcomix News Network. It’s
    the humorous opinion/take on a non-technical user’s experience with
    computers (Apple in specific) and their recent “conversion” to
    Linux use (and how they feel they can never really go back). It’s
    funny, and accurate, and indicates that Linux can be used quite
    successfully by a non-technical user. The article’s called
    iMac Mine

  • Duncan Mac-Vicar Prett
    wrote in to let us know about the KOF91 engine, which can form the
    foundation for ‘Street Fighter’-like games. KOF91 allows players to
    download characters from the net, add backgrounds, and customize
    the game. He’s ported it to Linux, GPL’d the source, and he’s
    looking for other developers to help him out. His site is located
    at http://www2.netexplora.com/koflinux,
    and there’s a partial
    , too.

  • George Mitchell
    contributed an item about a company’s attempt to
    introduce digital watermarks
    to MP3’s, making, among other
    things, tracking copyright violators easier.

  • Paul Eggert caught an
    interesting bit of marketing agitprop on behalf of PC NetLink from
    the folks at Sun:

    Q. Why should I use Solaris PC NetLink software instead of
    SAMBA, which is in the public

    A. SAMBA is reverse-engineered, unsupported, and does not have
    all the functionality of Solaris PC NetLink software. Solaris PC
    NetLink software implements core Windows NT services using
    Microsoft code ported to the Solaris environment, which should
    provide for a greater reliability and compatibility than software
    that is reverse-engineered. In addition, Solaris PC NetLink
    software provides the full complement of command line net commands
    to manage and view Windows NT domains, so an administrator could
    administer both Windows NT and Solaris systems from one system.

    The whole press release

  • Michael Meding provided
    us with a link to beta drivers for Matrox
    dual-head support under XFree86 4.0.1

  • Danny Yee wrote

    I believe the spread of the FSF meaning of “free software” at
    the expense of the older “freeware” one is a linguistic indicator
    of the success of the free software movement. Here I look at
    what the
    major search engines return
    on a search for “free

  • Abd Rahman Johari
    writes that My-Linux (a Malaysian Linux User Group) is now running
    on a “highly dynamic interactive site dedicated to serve and
    promote Linux specifically in Malaysia market. Running on RedHat
    Linux, Apache Webserver, PHP4 and MySQL this proves itself to be
    the best suite to provide access via Internet and Mobile Internet
    world (from WAP to 3Gs.)

    Since WAP is very hot now, our beloved My-Linux site can be
    accessed using WAP Devices. The WAP url is http://wap.my-linux.org/ Mobile
    people can get update on Latest News, Event Calendar, Job Offers,
    Send Feedback and much-much more.”

  • Finally, dooby brought
    us this word from the business front in the Netherlands.

    B&B and a few other company’s such as Computer Associates,
    Worldcom, KPMG and IT-solutions, are joining forces to services the
    dutch market in Linux Services.

    Antoine Adams, founder and initiator of B&B Groep BV has
    gathered all involved company’s and toghther they have started to
    services the dutch market and with succes. More and more company’s
    are visiting the website of B&B and are talking with this joint
    force to solve smaal and large IT-problems.

    “Finally, the large company’s are realising that their geeky
    UNIX administrator also can get ill. I have to admit that RedHat’s
    latest release, 6.2, SUN’s Staroffice and especially Unicenter TNG
    for Linux by CA are helping us in getting taken serious by
    company’s as Sony, Philips and the dutch government. The thing I do
    now is give a lot of presentations on the advantages of
    Linux-in-business and slowly serious deals are being made.. I’m
    happy”.. Antoine Adams CEO B&B

    The last year the use of Linux in business organisations have
    increased. Everyone knows. But in Holland this has grown so
    rappidly that organisations suchs as B&B are working overtime
    to do all migrations, building fall-back systems and take care of
    Internet Security.

    The last few months B&B alone installed more that over 1200
    Linux servers in around 250 different company’s. (workstations not


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