Linux Today Quick Takes

Linux crushes NT in a Deja.com poll, Mozilla needs
bug-finders, and an exciting and juicy rumor…

  • Justin noticed that
    Linux is
    as the number one NOS on Deja.com.. NT is rated as the
  • Bruno Mairlot says:
    There are over 300 bugs in current Mozilla. Help the developer out
    by decomposing these bugs into simple test case. (Mozilla.org.) There is some prizes for
    those who will send the most bug decompositions.
  • Leo Comitale gave us this
    juicy tidbit: This is from a news feed I receive from a Japanese
    news source, I don’t have any secondary confirmation (read web
    page) of its authenticity:

    CITATION “Kagaku Nikkan Kogyo, 7/5/99, p.1”

    “Linux-installed accounting servers are gaining momentum. […]
    Since December 1998 when the server was launched, it has shipped
    more than 2 million units. […] The company has adopted the free
    operating system because of its high reliability, its light load on
    networks, and the availability of open source code for an easy