Linux v5.1 rc6

It's Easter Sunday here, but I don't let little things like random
major religious holidays interrupt my kernel development workflow. The
occasional scuba trip? Sure. But everybody sitting around eating
traditional foods? No. You have to have priorities. There's only so
much memma you can eat even if your wife had to make it from scratch
because nobody eats that stuff in the US.

Anyway, rc6 is actually larger than I would have liked, which made me
go back and look at history, and for some reason that's not all that
unusual. We recently had similar rc6 bumps in both 4.18 and 5.0.

So I'm not going to worry about it. I think it's just random timing of
pull requests, and almost certainly at least partly due to the
networking pull request in here (with just over a third of the changes
being networking-related, either in drivers or core networking).

Aside from the networking stuff, we've got the usual other driver
updates (nvdimm, iio, gpu stands out), arch updates (mainly x86 - kvm
fixes stand out), and tooling (selftests and perf).

And then we have various random collection of other changes: some core
mm, some filesystem fixes, scheduler and tracing stuff.

But despite rc6 being a bit larger than I'd hope for, all of it is
pretty small, and I don't think there's anything really worrisome in
here. In fact, a lot of it is truly trivial stuff, some of it just
spelling fixes and the like.

Have a gander at the appended shortlog for details if you care, but
more importantly, give it a whirl and kick the tires...