Linux Webportal creates the first Linux Think Tank, Seeks Volunteers

Peter and
Barry J.O. Condon

Today Linux Webportal has created a Linux Think Tank on their
website, the intention being to provide a special discussion area
where Linux Users & Developers can communicate and share ideas
for improving the Operating System, in particular users will be
able to let developers know what sort of new applications they
would most like to see developed, and hopefully the drive to make
Linux a desktop OS will be speeded up, as may the possibility of
developing a killer application which would further enhance the
appeal of Linux.

Only yesterday Linux Webportal added various new features to
their portal which was a Linux Forum for the posting of news items,
security topics, support and ideas of interest to the Linux
community in general.

Then a News Desk was uploaded, followed by a Meta Tag Generator,
and an addictive online game called “Luna Lander”.

Linux Webportal is intent on becoming the kind of portal that
Linux users really want, which is not some clone of Yahoo, in order
to create a portal that really stands out as being different and
more importantly actually useful to visitors,

Linux Webportal is asking for Linux users to volunteer to help
by participating in the project and invite all interested parties
to write to them at [email protected] or pay a visit to
www.linux-webportal.com for
more details.