Linuxberg launches

by Dwight Johnson

Billing itself as “The Coolest Place for Linux Software”, the
popular TUCOWS freeware, shareware and demo download Internet site
has launched an associated site, Linuxberg.com.

The software download area is neatly divided into X11 and
console software. I clicked on “X11” and brought up a well
organized collection of categories and subcategories. I clicked on
“X-Windows/Desktop Managers” and up popped a familiar display of
products in alphabetical order from “Afterstep” to “XFce” giving
the vital statistics of each product, including the license, Home
page, last revision date, a short description and a rating.

The pages of Linuxberg come up pretty fast, the collection seems
pretty complete and users will appreciate how easy it is to find
and download their favorite software or just browse through the

The site will probably not appeal to the old hands at Linux who
are used to ftp downloads and know how to go directly to the
packages they want.

Nevertheless, after reading the great Interview with Scott
Swedorski, President of Tucows in the current ext2 and learning of the TUCOWS
commitment to the Free Software movement, I am convinced that
Linuxberg is going to rapidly become a favorite among Linux

Visit Linuxberg.