Linuxcare: Dear Lina: Stick to the Script

[ Thanks to Linuxcare for this link.

“Dear Lina: I have a script that needs to run under a
different user id. While the setuid bit is set for the script file,
it doesn’t seem to work.
I’ve been trying fruitlessly to get
this to work. When I asked a co-worker how to fix it, he chuckled
and told me, “Just don’t do that.” How can I get this working?”

“Dear Lina: I’m having trouble with my Debian system (kernel
2.2.12). Logged in as user ‘mike,’ I can launch Netscape with no
problem. Then I created user ‘jodie’ and copied my .bashrc,
.xinitrc, .Xdefaults, etc. files over to give her a similar
environment. Now, if I log in as ‘jodie’ and try to launch
Netscape, all I get is a “Bus Error” message and Netscape doesn’t
start. I checked permissions/ownerships and everything else I could
think of, but nothing seems to matter. I can’t figure out what the
problem might be. I haven’t had problems launching anything else
under her account. Any ideas? “


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