LinuxDevices.com: Adeos — a resource sharing multi-OS environment

“Karim Yaghmour, author of the Linux Trace Toolkit, recently
launched a new open source project to develop an “Adaptive Domain
Environment for Operating Systems” (Adeos). The purpose of Adeos is
to provide a flexible environment for sharing hardware resources
among multiple operating systems, or among multiple instances of a
single OS. According to Yaghmour, Adeos will support the kinds
of dual-OS Linux environments that are today achieved using RTLinux
or RTAI, but without making use of the technology that is the
subject of Victor Yodaiken’s RTLinux patent.

“Details on implementing Adeos with an x86 processor and Linux
as the host OS are presented in a whitepaper entitled the Adeos
Design Document, which is available as a postscript or pdf download
from the Adeos website. A second whitepaper discusses building a
real-time operating system (RTOS) on top of Adeos.”

“LinuxDevices.com’s Rick Lehrbaum contacted Yaghmour for further
clarification about Adeos and the motivations behind it. Here’s
what he learned.”


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