LinuxDevices.com: New Linux-Based Internet Appliance Reference Platform

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“Accelent Systems Inc., a leading enabler of intelligent
appliances and embedded devices, today announced its Internet
Appliance Reference Platform (IARP) for Linux based Internet
appliance applications. The IARP is a portable wireless Internet
appliance used to browse the Internet and to send and retrieve
e-mail. Even though the IARP is targeted for home use, the IARP’s
flexible wireless architecture lends itself well to a wide range of
other intelligent appliance or embedded OEM applications in
commerce, industry, and elsewhere.”

“The IARP is based on the Linux operating system and uses either
the Intel StrongARM or LinkUp Systems ARM microprocessors. Through
its revolutionary Intelligent System Software (ISS) technology,
e-micrOS, Accelent’s systems software technology enables the IARP
to fully optimize the Internet connectivity, power management, and
efficiency features inherent in the operating systems and
processors. As such, the IARP has been designed to provide maximal
configuration flexibility for Internet access-type device
development. This versatility allows an OEM client to custom design
the ruggedized unit to their specifications and to meet stringent
time-to-market demands….”

The intent of the IARP is to serve as the basis for a broad
range of possible custom intelligent appliances or embedded
Accordingly, the existing design can be used as is,
or it can be modified as much or as little as required for the
specific application. Accelent Systems provides both software and
hardware engineering development services to support such
requirements, and will license the portions of the design (hardware
and software) required by the customer.”

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