LinuxMall.com: 1mage Hops the Linux Gravy Train

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Attracted to Linux’s speed, stability, potential for growth
and built-in “tech-savvy” market, 1mage (pronounced one-image)
ported its document imaging system to Linux and is actively
pursuing Linux clients.

“1mage announced its decision to integrate Linux into its
business plan in December, 1999. Besides the fact that 1mage
software solutions are designed to run on UNIX and the switch is an
easy technical one to make, Mary Anne DeYoung, vice president of
marketing for 1mage, cited other reasons for the company’s interest
in Linux. “The potential for growth was better,” she said, “just
because NT and UNIX had been around.”

“In our case, we were trying to offer more choices to our
customers,” she added. “We were trying to say, `if you want NT,
that’s fine, but we created this system on UNIX,’ and the move to
Linux for us was basically to grow the business, just because we
felt the Linux marketplace was growing and we weren’t sure about
the others.” In fact, during porting a 1mage application to a Linux
operating system (OS) DeYoung said “the engineers commented that
the Linux appeared to run 5-to-7 times faster than the NT.”