LinuxMall.com: Alive from the Trenches with XFree86

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“XFree86 is the implementation of the X-Window System for Linux.
It’s the underlying technology that allows users to run a
desktop-interface such as KDE or GNOME, with window managers such
as KWM or Enlightenment.Version 4.0 of Xfree86 has been a
long-awaited and much-touted release in terms of technological
advancements. However, it was simple technological incompatibility
more than feature-hunting that led me to examine it….”

At this point, I would like to draw your attention to the
fatal flaw in what I had just done: I just ran install.sh. I did
not read any of the thoughtfully included README files, or remove
my previous version of XFree86 that was installed
with Red Hat
6.1. Please consider this before you begin your installation,
because this is, in all seriousness, a “Fatal Flaw.” In other
words, do not install over the top of your previous

“Although it did not cause immediate harm to my machine, it made
some things pretty impossible to get working. In the end I ended up
having to delete the X11R6 tree and /etc/X11 tree and run the
install.sh script again. Once I had emptied those directory trees
the installation went flawlessly.”

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