LinuxMall.com: CLIQ Clicks: Conference Draws Speakers, Vendors and Crowds

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John “maddog” Hall of Linux International and Rasmus
Lerdorf, the developer of the PHP scripting language were among the
distinguished speakers present at Colorado Linux Info Quest’s
(CLUE) first conference and expo April 1, 2000.
Linux and Open
Source vendors, advocates and enthusiasts boosted attendence to
approximately 360 for the day.”

“Hall’s keynote speech gave an overview of Linux’s uses and
current trends toward global acceptance. Hall highlighted Linux
applications in such areas as medicine, business, education, and
supercomputing, giving a detailed history his own experienced and
humorous perspective. His recurring theme? Whenever entering a new
environment in an effort to support Linux, he was repeatedly told,
“there’s no Linux here”–only to find that an almost underground
group of users did, in fact, always exist.”

“Other speakers offered their differing perspectives on Linux
throughout the day. Kevin Gorey, director of product marketing for
Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI), explained why SGI is vesting heavily
in Linux and the Open Source movement–and how the company is using
Linux’s flexibility and Open Source ingenuity to create real world
software solutions for its customers.”

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