LinuxMall.com: Java Rides Oracle File System, Whips Beasts of Burden

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“Oracle has announced its Internet File System (iFS), which
combines aspects of the Windows file system with the information
management features of its Oracle8i. The company said that iFS
enables content management in a single repository of content that
might be scattered across PC desktops, document management systems
and Web sites.”

“Because iFS offers browser-based access from any operating
system (OS), Oracle said that users are not constrained by the
Windows Explorer interface, and are free to access files using a
standard Web browser. Oracle added that this is useful for remote
access over dial-up lines or access from any other client machines
such as Linux, iMac and UNIX.
iFS features include: drag and
drop filing, management of an estimated 150 file types,
browser-based access from any OS, advanced search and version
control and an Oracle8i Internet database foundation, the company
said. The iFS Developers Kit also is included to provide
customization options for using XML and a full set of Java
application program interfaces (APIs) to give developers added
flexibility in manipulating standard iFS feature.”

“iFS offers file system features such as versioning, check-in,
check-out and advanced searching, Oracle said. It also provides
native XML support in the file system and enables a secure and
scalable means of managing high-volumes of XML files. By including
an open Java application programming interface (API) to the file
system, Oracle said that independent software vendors and
developers can add, modify or override iFS’s default features.”


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