LinuxMall.com: Mi OS Es su OS: Linux Invades Latin America

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“You don’t have to live near the equator to know that the
Latin American market is hot for Linux. By providing a support
infrastructure for Latin American users, Linux Alianza is poised to
be at ground-zero when Linux-acceptance in the Spanish-speaking
world explodes.”

“Linux Alianza is an alliance of Linux Web sites, completely in
Spanish targeted at promoting Linux in Latin America through its
“Community and Commerce” concept. The multi-site, launched last
February, may be accessed via http://LinuxFiesta.com. There,
surfers can find Linux commerce areas for businesses in addition to
the information, resource, and service areas typically associated
with Linux Web sites, said Linux Alianza founder and CIO Mike

“Since its March announcement that it had registered and donated
18 domain names and free Web site hosting to Spanish-speaking Linux
user groups (LUGS), Linux Alianza has ramped up efforts and is
extending the scope of Linux global domination even further south.
Late this month, Linux Alianza is slated to launch a
Portuguese-speaking site for users in Brazil, Anderson said.”